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The Shack

Some pictures from where the damage is done. The is where the software is written, hence the abundance of monitors. Most of the computer hardware is in another room to reduce the noise levels. You also see the HF gubbins on the left: FTDX-3000, AT5K ATU, LinearAmp UK Challenger (keeps the shack warm in winter).



Here's a summary of the hardware in use:

  • Innov Antennas: 5 elements on 2m, 10 elements on 70cms
  • Rotator: AlfaSPID RAS
  • Rotator controller: Green Heron
  • Cables: 15m of Ecoflex 15 Plus
  • Mast-head preamps: SSB Electronics
  • Receiver: Airspy Mini
  • Transmitters: FT-991 and TS-2000

Log periodic, 130 MHz to 1.3GHz (from WIMO) mounted on a Tennamast. This antenna was used for receiving APT weather satellite transmissions on 137 MHz and is used for testing UHF / SHF SDR receivers. The black mess lying in the grass is my dog.

2m and 70cms Yagis from Innov Antennas - vertical polarisation, work very well with FO-20, do get some fading on AO-73. 

AlfaSPID rotator and the mast-head pre-amps for 2m and 70cms. This has been in use for at least ten years, only light surface rust.


NOAA 15, 03 Oct 2017 07:19:28 GMT

NOAA Weather (APT)

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